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Charles Art Insurance - Value PropositionCharles Art Insurance - Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition


We specialize in insuring jewellery and understand that it requires insurance of its own, not just a standard home and contents policy. Our policy is designed to provide premium cover available for jewelleries. You can be sure you will be in good hands in the unfortunate event that your jewellery is stolen, lost or damaged. You will receive insurance benefits that most standard household insureres don't offer. These include:


Itemized Coverage. When you itemize each of your jewellery pieces, we will cover them for the agreed value. This allows you to determind up front the value of each individual item listed in your policy. Then in the event of irresparable damage or loss, you will receive 100% of the agreed value of the item, with no excess or depreciation. 


Option to Take Cash. We understand that some jewellery pieces are simply irreplaceable so in the event of irreparable damage or loss you can always choose to take cash for the insured value.


Loss in Market Value Cover. If an itemized piece is damaged, we will not only pay to repair it but will compensate you for any loss in market value as a result of the damage.


Responding to Your Claim Quickly. When you first buy our jewellery policy, you will provide us with a detailed record of your jewellery collection. This will provide us  with agreed valuations on your pieces of jewelleries. Therefore if you have a covered loss, you will know exactly what you are entitled to.